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Peace, Tranquility and Serenity, Daily

Hi, my name is Emma Xhaiden. I am a recovered CPTSD survivor.  After seeking various remedies for my own PTS, although it is my belief that the combination of all the methods I had found had much to do with my recovery, I finally came across a method that made a significant impact: guided meditation. I then decided to become a certified guided meditation facilitator, specializing in CPTSD and PTSD symptom reversal, trauma, anxiety and sleeplessness. I RE-DEFINE PTSD as: Peace, Tranquility, and Serenity, Daily. According to several university neuroscience studies, PTSD and CPTSD are “brain injuries” that can be healed. I do this by way of Guided Meditation, and interweaving that with the verbiage of many of the other methods I have also been certified in. Because this method does not require recall, it is very gentle and non-invasive. Recall has nothing to do with healing and recovering from PTSD or CPTSD.  Reminding the brain to be in the present, to today right now however, with practice over time does.

“Trauma is not a choice…  Healing is.”

“PTSD is NOT a disorder nor a disease. PTS is a brain injury that can be healed as naturally as a bruise.”


What is Redefining PTSD?

I Redefine PTSD as Peace, Tranquility and Serenity, Daily or CPTSD as Constant Peace, Tranquility and Serenity, Daily. Several studies have shown that regular meditation helps to reduce the symptoms of PTSD and in many cases, completely reverse the symptoms of PTSD. I am a Certified Guided Meditation Facilitator specializing in  C/PTSD, trauma, anxiety and sleeplessness. With guided meditation, this method is very gentle and non-invasive. I never ask a client to recall any memories nor talk about any incidences. I simply guide the client into a meditative state and strengthen the brain muscles to overcome the C/PTSD symptoms.


Redefining PTSD clients are C/PTSD victims and survivors of all sorts, including but not limited to: military, first responders such as fire fighters, police officers, EMTs and hospital ER staff, rape victims, domestic violence victims, 911 operators, teachers and social workers, people in addiction recovery and rehabilitation, people that have experienced child abuse and/or child molestation and other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) survivors, mental illness technicians and staff, and those that suffer from anxiety and/or high stress.

How it works

In short, meditation for the brain is like a gym workout for the body. In a gym workout, typically a person gains muscle mass and looses fat content. Brain scans in studies have shown that with regular meditation, the frontal cortex gains size and strength and becomes more responsive, reducing the amygdala in size and strength, becoming less dominant and less reactive, resulting in less frequently triggered episodes. However, although meditation maybe less frequent after the RedefiningPTSD program has been completed, results are more permanent.  At this point, at absolute least, five minute meditations twice a day and one 20 minute meditation once a week are recommended to help maintain results.

Who am I?

Emma Xhaiden

My name is Emma Xhaiden. I am a certified guided meditation facilitator specializing in trauma, C/PTSD, anxiety and sleeplessness. For as long as I could remember, I always felt as if there was this dark cloud lurking and hovering over me, like I was shackled and imprisoned, enslaved. I had no idea what this darkness was, where it came from, why it was there, or why it never went away. Thinking back, I had a decently happy childhood.  So what was wrong?  My everyday fears soon transformed to paranoia, and my reactions became more frequent and more intense. Sober, but intoxicated with extreme anxiety and/or anger, many times I would blackout, loosing hours at a time, not knowing what had happened or how I got to where I was. Other episodes were debilitating. There was a strange sense of safety in the idea of having debilitating episodes because I was otherwise afraid of what I might do. I found myself frequently institutionalized or in hand cuffs, wondering if white padded walls or jail cells would be a part of my normal everyday life.  I thought, “Seriously, what is wrong with me?  Am I really just plain crazy?” I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists, personal development and self-help books, audios, videos, seminars, etc, broke, desperately seeking answers to the unanswerable and a description to the indescribable. Everything seemed to help a little, but only a little. And I never seemed to come to relief.  I never had flashbacks, but I did have mere flashes of images and sounds, but nothing recognizable.  The only words to describing those flashes was sheer terror. Finally, a counselor concluded that I had suppressed memories due to trauma and PTSD.  But how can I talk about something that was so traumatizing that I don’t remember?  Another frustrating dead end.  Was I ever going to be able to find relief?

In 2015, I began schooling for a career change.  I stumbled across a guided meditation class. After 8 weeks of class, I woke up one morning feeling as if something was missing. I checked my jewelry, my apartment and my car. Nothing material was missing. And then I realized that the presence of that imprisoning darkness that lurked and enslaved me, was gone, evaporated. I was <u>free!</u> I took a class that unknowingly and totally healed me.

I decided that these methods that had finally relieved me, needed to be much more accessible and offered to the masses. It became my mission to help bring others like me out of the dark and into the light.  As a result, I became obsessed with getting certified in these various trauma related healing methods and created RedefiningPTSD so that others could experience Peace, Tranquility and Serenity, Daily.

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